Saint Pierre
Saint Pierre
Saint Pierre
Saint Pierre
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Saint Pierre

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La Petite Maison Couture x Pigeon Wishes

The Heritage Collection

Take Saint-Pierre as your staple.

With its vintage/old timer vibes, its Brown and Amber hues, this set goes with every single garment or fabric you own.

We brought her in as the button that we all need at some point.

Saint-Pierre has a slightly transparent game going on at its surface, which gives it the particularity of having a different shade depending on the fabric placed at the background.

Place it on top of white, then black, and you will be beguiled.

Tag your makes using buttons from The Heritage Collection with #LPMCxPW and #FabricFaerie.

100% Bioresin

Pigeon Wishes buttons are made from Bioresin, that is derived from cellulose, which makes it more sustainable than plastic. The buttons are laser cut into shape and every button has a unique design. The unique colours are embedded into the buttons rather than painted on the surface. This makes the buttons beautiful, strong and hard wearing.

23 mm (0.91") in diameter
5 mm (0.20") thick

30 g per box

Care Details
Machine washable at 30°C and below.
Do not bleach.
Normal tumble dry.

PLEASE NOTE | Sold per box.

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